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Whether you are a small family run business outgrowing your surroundings, or corporate headquarters housing hundreds of employees requiring additional space, Sente Building Group will meet your needs for site expansion, reconstruction or relocation.

With extensive experience in workplace development we can exceed your expectations with our vast competencies relative to:

  • site design to maximize efficiencies
  • recognition of ergonomic requirements
  • design and sourcing of swing space to accommodate transitioning employees
  • complex installation of audio, visual, intranet, fibre optic and network communication services
  • creatively and tastefully selecting colour palettes
  • securing competitive procurement of sub-trades and materials
  • securing competitive procurement of equipment and infrastructure
  • sourcing and installation of specialized equipment (medical, industrial culinary, AODA compatible apparatus, etc.)
  • continual site inspections and project meetings to ensure minimal project deficiencies and proficient project handover.

Sente Building Group has successfully completed $ 5,000,000 in related office construction in the recent past and we are fully resourced and capable to undertake your project.